Why is it important to use a licensed land surveyor?

When you purchase a new home or insure your property (auto, home, business, etc.), who do you trust to ensure you are properly protected at close or come claim time? Simple; a licensed realtor and a licensed insurance agent. Why should it be any different when you need your land surveyed?

The short answer is that it should not be any different.

The long answer is hiring Janes Surveying, Inc. as your Midwest licensed land surveyor should be your first step to ensuring your land (asset) is properly protected for years to come and will hold up if the land is ever sold.

How do I find a licensed land surveyor?

As a consumer, you are able to choose a land surveyor that fits your needs. While it is easy to find a land surveyor on Google or Bing, you need to make sure the one you choose is properly licensed as a land surveyor and comes highly recommended. Look no further than Janes Surveying, Inc. for your Midwest licensed land surveyor needs. Licensed in Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Arkansas, and Florida, we are located where YOU need us. Contact us today to discuss your Midwest licensed land surveyor needs.

Midwest Licensed Land Surveyor


Why hire Janes as your licensed surveyor?

As a result of 27 years of experience in land surveying, Janes Surveying, Inc. is your Midwest land survey expert.  Centrally located in the Midwest, right where YOU need us.

Since 1994, Janes Surveying, Inc. has been the premier land Surveyor in the Midwest. Therefore, Janes Surveying, Inc. will deliver a fast turnaround, in comparison to our competitors, when it is time to execute a land survey on your property.

We take pride in every survey we deliver to our clients. How do we achieve this? By providing exceptional service, industry-leading quality of work, and competitive pricing. Our land surveyor team is the best in the Midwest