Consolidation Survey

A consolidation survey, also known as a lot split, consists of splitting a single parcel into two separate parcels or is a combination of several land parcels into one. Once complete, the land is given a new legal description to correctly reflect the new parcel.

The primary reason for a consolidation survey is to parcel off sections of land to meet specifications. As a result, these new legal descriptions must meet city and county standards. Once completed, they must then be filed by the property owner with the county for approval. The cost of the survey is different for each project. Examples that could affect the cost are included in the list below.


What is the Cost of a Lot Split/Consolidation Survey?

1. The amount of parcels being split or consolidated.

 2. The location, accessibility, and ruggedness of the parcel of land you want surveyed.

 3. The shape and size of the surveyed parcel of land.

4. Seasonal variations in important features of the land such as leaf cover or ground markings.

5. “Riparian Rights” or issues arising from properties along water.


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