Relocation Survey

A relocation survey is just one of the many important services for your land. Location surveys include the precise identification of established land boundaries. Knowing of the exact boundaries of your land will help you avoid expensive encroachment disputes and ill-will disputes between you and your neighbors. If an issue has already occurred, then your surveyor can help rectify the problem. If you are contemplating purchasing property, you should know as much as possible about the price of land you are going to invest in.

For your own peace of mind, you need a Commissioned Land Surveyor to define the legal boundaries and verify that the survey pegs are in place. Each sale agreement should require that the survey marks be located prior to the sale. You have a right to see the boundary peg before you purchase, and it is in your interest to do so. Therefore, you consider developing a section of your property, it is prudent to determine the exact boundaries before you begin. Survey marks may be misplaced, displaced or difficult to locate and boundaries are not necessarily consistent with fences or hedges.



1. You do not want to pay for the wrong lot or build on the wrong lot.

2. You’d want to avoid putting the road or driveway in the most costly location.

3. Making the most economical use of the construction site.

4. Making sure to know who to contact for rights of way.

5. To make the most intelligent presentation of your use project.

6. To avoid infringing many land use laws, regulations and encumbrances.


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