Site Planning Survey

A Site Planning Survey is a survey that uses a combination of both boundary and topographic surveys. This is used for the preparation of a site plan to be used for designing building improvements or land developments. It is possible that this may also include a subdivision survey, which would divide undeveloped land into various things. These include blocks, lots, streets, parts and more in accordance with State Laws and County or City ordinances.


As mentioned above, Site Plan Surveys are most often requested to legally obtain building permits for improvements for a property. There are other reasons to obtain this survey besides obtaining a permit. For example, if the site is in a flooding area, an engineer needs to look at a site plan so they can come up with a land grading strategy. A Site Planning Survey also serves as a measure of precision to make sure the building or addition is being built correctly. Whenever you are planning for some sort of improvement that interacts with the land, from add-ons to driveways to below-ground pools, a Site Plan Survey is a good idea, even if your local authorities do not require it.


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