What is Permitting?

A permit is a formal document issued by the city or county and is required for most construction or remodeling projects. Therefore, it is important to obtain the proper permit before starting your next building project. For instance, securing land use permits ensures that current or proposed land uses consider all viable factors. These factors include the environmental constraints, population density, commerce, traffic and roadway capacities, storm water management, utility availability and general benefit of the land’s (potential) use.

Janes Surveying, Inc. specializes in residential permitting, commercial permitting, and general permitting. You have our guarantee that we will put our construction knowledge, permitting experience, and industry connections to work for you. We have the required local regulatory knowledge and experience to assist our clients with the permitting process for any development project. Ultimately, a permit is a way for the city or county to make sure the project is safe and in compliance of building, construction, and zoning code.

Some land use permits cover the following areas:

  • Wetlands
  • Floodplains
  • Streams
  • Environmentally sensitive areas
  • Open space
  • Contaminated areas


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Since 1994, Janes Surveying, Inc. has been the expert of supplying proper permitting in Palmyra, Missouri. Therefore, Janes Surveying, Inc. will deliver a fast turnaround, in comparison to our competitors, when it is time to get your permits approved.

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